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Using Quilts to Create a Warm Bedroom

For most people, the bedroom is considered to be a haven for rest and relaxation. It is a place where one goes to find a calm atmosphere to suit both the tired mind and body. Thus, it is important to create an ambience that is ultimately soothing. There are many ways to come up with the suitable effect for your sleeping quarters. The choices available can range from the very simple to the grandiose. However, if you specifically want to infuse some warmth, adding a quilt or two is an inexpensive way to do just that.

Contrary to popular belief, the quilt is a bedroom accessory that is not limited to the bed. Aside from being used as a finishing touch, placed on top of the bedding and comforter, there are numerous others ways by which you can use it to make this area much more comfortable and homey.

Apart from draping it over the mattress, patchwork quilts of multiple colours can be draped on a love seat. It can also be laid on a mini sofa and upholstered with cushions. Quilts can also be used as wall decor. Miniature patches showing intricate designs can be framed and hung up. Or an intricate and brightly-coloured one can be decoratively attached to one end of the room. With just a bit of sewing, you can create table covers as well as drapes or curtains from quilts. Finally, the same sewing skill can enable you to make cases for decorative throw pillows.

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