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The Joys of Quilt Making

Quilting is a practise that has been observed by most women from the past up to the present. It is a past time that came out of productive entertainment necessity when women on farms wanted to have a group activity that can help them relax and commune together after their chores. They created curtains, bed coverings, and clothing out of recycled pieces of fabrics since there was a shortage of textiles at that time.

Now, making quilts has become a hobby for many who find joy in the art of creating a master piece by sewing colourful patches of cloth together. Many people enjoy quilting because this activity helps you use your creativity and skills. This hobby can also give a means for relaxation after a stressful day. There are also many people who have developed a fancy for collecting quilts, thus, many quilt hobbyists have found an additional means of income through selling their creations on the Internet, craft fairs, and speciality stores. This hobby can also be a relaxing activity after a hard day at work.

The quilts that you make can also be given as meaningful gift to family and friends. For instance, if you are planning to give a quilt to your best friend on her birthday, you can gather several patches of different colours and styles, then hand them out among the people who are closest to her. Ask them to write a message for her and to design the patch in their own fashion. Collect these pieces and sew them all together to make one patchwork of love and friendship. Your gift can keep your friend warm and comforted, as she feels the presence of everyone who cares for her during cold nights.