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Keeping Yourself Warm During a Cold Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip is an exciting endeavour; however, when you have not prepared for the cold nights involved, the fun in this activity could easily disappear. Here then are several things you can do to ensure a cosy feeling during your camping trip.

Before you go on the trip, plan for the type of clothes you need to bring. You can consider bringing one piece of apparel with a thick layer to protect you from the cold. However, it is ideal to have several thin layers of clothes, as this is more effective in providing warmth. Moreover, you need to protect your head as most of the body heat is lost through there; thus, have the appropriate headgear such as a hat or a bonnet. Also, you need to protect your hands and feet with layers of gloves and socks.

Building a fire is an obvious way of keeping warm; however, you must efficiently utilise it for maximum comfort. When you have two bonfires, the best area for you to stay is in the middle so that different sides of your body receive warmth. Alternatively, when you only have one bonfire, you need to set up a "reflector" with the use of a wooden shield to keep the warmth around you.

Your sleeping bags will also define the comfort you will experience on a cold camping trip. Although they come in different materials, keep in mind that what keeps you comfortable is the warm air trapped around your body. On another note, when you want a camping trip that still reminds you of home, you can bring and wrap yourself with warm and cosy quilts.