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Decorating the Dining Area with a Rustic Charm

To make the home look more interesting, you can decorate it in a rustic style. It brings in that warm, cosy feel of a cabin lodge or mountain resort as well as the free-flowing ambiance of the outdoors that is comfortable and inviting.

The essence of a rustic style is to bring in the relaxing and comforting feel of the great outdoors into your home. Even if you live in the city with all the modern amenities, you can still add that country charm by incorporating a good mixture of colour and texture in every aspect of the design. Additionally, you can use neutral or earth tones to depict nature into the home. You can use weathered construction timbers and stones as well as preserved wood furnishings. Rather than using finished and bleached woodwork, use washes for variation instead. Moreover, powder coating can help you achieve the correct hues if you want to use plank flooring, add flagstones or unpolished granite. Likewise, large stone hearths and exposed rock in plastered walls should add more interest into the design.

For the furnishing, choose natural pieces made of unsmoothed wood or stone, which can be found in flea markets or garage sales. To add texture, use wood furnishings that are not finely planed. Look for a dining table, sofa, some benches and cabinets with worn finishes that provide a distressed look. For the accessories, use patchwork quilts that make the home look more inviting. They are a colourful addition to any space that can strike up a good conversation. You can have quilts to accentuate a wall in the dining area or living room. Alternatively, you can have them as bedding or comforter for the master bedroom or for the kids' room.